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Antibiotics are medicine that is created to fight bacterial infections in human beings and animals. Antibiotics work by killing the bacteria or making the environment tougher to survive in by weakening them and making it harder for them to multiply.

Antibiotics treat only bacterial infections, most commonly, strep throat, urinary tract infections, and E. coli. But for various other bacterial infections, one does not even require antibiotic medicine, such as ear infection or sinus infection. But it needs to be remembered that antibiotics do not work in case of viral infections, such as one should not take antibiotic medicine if they are suffering from flu, cold or common cold. 

Antibiotics can be consumed in various ways, such as:

  • Orally, these are pills, capsules and liquids
  • Topically, such as creams, spray or ointments applied to the skin. They could also be eye ointments, eye drops, ear drops
  • Injection or Intravenously (IV), this method is mainly followed during severe conditions
  • Using antibiotics correctly is also vital. The directions for using the antibiotic must be followed and the complete course must be completed, even if you feel better. It is vital to not save and share your antibiotics for later and with others. You must not take antibiotics prescribed for others as they might not be best suited for you and might not treat your condition.

    Antibiotics have various side effects such as rashes, nausea, yeast infection, diarrhoea, and life-threatening allergic reactions amongst many others. Therefore, always use antibiotics that are prescribed to you by a professional.

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