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Diabetes is a medical condition that generally leads to high blood sugar in the body. Diabetes has been stated as a chronic condition where the body is not capable to make and producing insulin. Even with modern medicine, no cure for diabetes is found, leaving it as an incurable disease that hampers the life of many, by even making it difficult for them to function in their daily, normal life.

Although incurable, diabetes medicine helps to maintain and keep the blood sugar level in your body in check. This helps in the reduction of the risk factors and complications that are related to diabetes. This ultimately creates a condition for people to function properly without much trouble in their normal daily life.

Researchers have stated that there are two forms of diabetes, Type-1 and Type-2. Generally in Type-1 diabetes, the factor is managed by insulin, whereas in Type-2, the body even though it produces insulin, it is not able to use it. Insulin is that thing in our body that helps to absorb glucose.

In Type-2 diabetes, the use of medication is mandatory, metformin is the main medication. It comes in pills or as a liquid.

People suffering from diabetes need to take medication and a properly managed diet. The medication depends upon the type of diabetes, therefore, it is mandatory to consult your doctor. There are many drugs available to treat each form of diabetes. The medicines also help to break down starchy food and sugar in the body that lower your blood sugar level. Therefore an expert opinion is necessary to keep all the factors in check.

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