Buy Hair Loss Medicines for Men and Women 

Hair loss is one of the common conditions that people are facing in the modern age. Hair loss or also known as alopecia has become a major hereditary as well as a lifestyle problem. Hair loss could affect the scalp, spots or the entire body. It could be temporary or even permanent.

Baldness mainly refers to the loss of hair on the scalp. Hair loss can occur in everybody but typically it is more common in men.

The few major reasons for hair loss are:

  • It is hereditary
  • Due to less nutrition and change in diet
  • A normal process because of ageing
  • Various medical conditions
The symptoms of hair loss could be many but a few prominent ones are:
  • The gradual thinning of the hair, especially on top of the head
  • The loss of shine and texture in the hair results in hair looking dull
  • Brittle and damaged hair which breaks easily
  • Circular or patchy bald spots
  • Loosening of hair, resulting in more hair fall
  • Fill-body hair loss
  • Patches of scaling can be seen spread over the scalp
It has been seen that people generally lose 50-100 strands of hair in a day, which is not much noticeable as new hair growth is also a fast process, but if you lose more hair then the change is noticeable and then you need to consult a doctor. It is advisable to be gentle with your hair and use fewer chemical products and protect it from harsh weather conditions and pollution. Various treatments can be found that can help you with the problem, to continue with your life. Generic Medicina product range to help stop hair loss, as well as promote hair regrowth for men and women.

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