Generic Xenical 120 mg

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Product Code   : GM 10702
Generic Name : Xenical 120 mg
Brand Name    : Orlistat
Manufacture    : Roche, Italy
Presentation    : caps.
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Generic Xenical 120 mg Uses & Benefits:

  • Generic Xenical 120 mg is less expensive generic variant of the weight loss medication. It reduced calories diet to help your weight loss. This medicine prevent the absorption of dietary fat into your body.
  • Its block some of the fat which you eat, and keep it from being absorbed by your body. And also its help to reduce the risk of regaining weight which already lost.
  • continue taking Xenical as long as your doctor or pharmacist prescribes. It should be taken every day to be more effective. Its effect start in weight loss within 2 weeks and should continue to use for 6-8 months or as prescribed by pharmacist or doctor.

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