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Generic Name : Pioglitazone
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About Piozone 30 mg:

Piozone 30 mg tablet can be described as an antidiabetic medication used in treating diabetes type 2 in adults. It assists in controlling blood sugar levels of people suffering from diabetes. This can help prevent severe complications associated with diabetes such as blindness and kidney damage.

Piozone 30 mg can be taken in conjunction with other medications. It is a good choice to take either with meals or without meals. Your physician will determinate what dosage is most suitable for you. And this could be altered from time to time depending on how its performing. You should take it consistently at the same time every day.

Benefits of Piozone 30 mg:

Piozone 30 mg tablet increases the body’s reaction to body Hormone insulin that regulate the blood sugar within the body. The insulin assists in lowering the levels of blood glucose and keeps them from rising after eating meals. It is recommended to continue taking it the duration recommended. The reduction of blood glucose level is crucial aspect of managing the diabetes. If you able to control your blood sugar level , you’ll lower the chances of developing any any of the major complications associated with diabetes like eye damage, kidney damage, nerve issues, and loss of the limb.

Regularly taking this medication together with balanced eating habits and exercises will enable you to lead a healthy and normal life.

Side Effects of Piozone 30 mg:

  • Bloody and cloudy urine
  • Weight gain
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Painful urination
  • Anemia
  • Swelling of face, lip, tongue, eyelids, hands and feet
  • Hypoglycemia.

The majority of side effects don’t required medical attention and will disappear once the body adapts your medication. talk to you doctor / physician if these symptoms persist or you’re concern about them.


Kindly use this medication at dosages and duration prescribed by your physician. inhale(swallow) a whole tablet with a glass of water, don’t crush, chew and break. Piozone 30 mg can be taken either with food or without food, however it best to consume it a fixed time.


  • It is dangers to drink alcohol when you take Piozone 30 mg tablet.
  • Breast-feeding: Piozone tablet must be used with caution while breastfeeding. the breastfeeding should be stopped until the treatment of the mother have been completed. and drug is removed from her body. it will be better to take advice with you physician before taking piozone.
  • Pregnancy’s: Piozone tablet could be used during pregnancy. you doctor will evaluate the advantages and and risks before prescribed this to you, talk to your doctor before taking it in pregnancy.
  • Kidney & liver Patients: Piozone table is safe to recommended to use cautiously in patients suffering from kidney or liver related disease. consult with you physician before taking this medication if you have any medical history of kidney or liver disease.

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